Art @ Bar Bar

Here at Bar Bar we invite local artists to exhibit their work in our Gallery space. This season we have works by Wolverton based artist Callum Barrell.

From the artist:

“Hi I’m Callum, I’m A multi media artist from Wolverton. I take photos using old cheap 35mm cameras I buy from charity shops or boot sales & rinse my bank developing the film. I enjoy messing with double exposure, most of my photos are of my mates doing stupid stuff or places that are memorable to me. I have a little studio where I spend my spare time experimenting with printing, painting & producing music. For my prints I mainly use silk screens and Lino, messy but good fun. For my paintings I use acrylic, inks, spray paint, bleach, varnish, thinners & whatever else I end up spilling on it accidentally. It all adds to the art, it is what it is.. thanks for looking!”

Callum’s work is for sale. Please talk to a member of staff if you would like to make a purchase.

Showcase your art

The gallery exhibits a new artist every quarter. If you are interested in showing your work here at Bar Bar then please contact us here.

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Where to find us

16 The Square, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5DG

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