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Last summer we decided that our regular guests deserved some recognition for all their support over the years, and what better way than to dedicate an exhibition to them! Bar Bar asked local photographer Andy Simpson to capture their images over the course of a couple of days. These are now up on display in Bar Bar and also on our website so everyone can see what our community in Wolverton means to us all.

Vera moved here from Lancashire in 1950 and was a district nurse for Hanslope, Castlethorpe and Haversham before Milton Keynes was built! There was no health centre back then so Vera would visit people at home. One of our most regular guests at Bar Bar and loves a cappuccino but every once in a while she enjoys a glass of chardonnay!

community members at bar bar in wolverton

“There’s always a warm welcome at Bar Bar. Discovering the good coffee, interesting ambience and good company to be found here was a real plus when I moved to Wolverton a couple of years ago. Two words say it all: local, community.”

“Hi, my name is Sam. I’ve lived and worked in and around Wolverton most of my life. It’s a wicked place to be! Whether it’s an event or some kind of initiative, there is always something on to bring people of all backgrounds together. It’s great to be involved in the community hubbub!”

jess at bar bar wolverton

“I’m Jess and I have worked in Wolverton as a litter picker for a few years. I’ve always enjoyed working around here as the people are always so lovely and it has a welcoming a sense of community. I also love the little independent shops like Bar Bar which adds to the vibe and brings people together. In these times we need each other more than we know.”

nora and bill from wolverton enjoying a coffee at bar bar

“Bar Bar is one of our favourite places.”

Nora and Bill have been customers of Bar Bar Black Sheep for the last seven years. Nora was born in Wolverton and Bill moved to Wolverton from Plymouth. They have lived in Buckingham Street, Church Street, Southern Way, and are currently living on Jersey Road. 

Lauren loved Bar Bar before she even worked here. It was her go to chill out spot; decent beans, cosy vibes and always very good tunes! She lived in Melbourne for a bit and it reminds her of the cool brunch hangouts in her old home. She runs the sustainable fashion MK SWAP SHOP project and loves bootlegging high fashion looks, with charity shop finds.

sian at bar bar in wolverton

Sian began working with the Black sheep collective back in 2016, working on the ongoing fenceless art programme and various other shows/events. In 2017 she was invited to be a director of the company and in 2019 became the manager of Bar Bar Black Sheep. When she’s not running the coffee shop she enjoys various arts and crafts, hula hooping, going to the gym and walking her dog.

hilary saunders at bar bar in wolverton

Hilary Saunders is one of the leading members of Wolverton & Greenleys-In-Bloom who do a huge amount if free volunteer labour for the Town Council. The Council pays for the summer bedding plants and the winter pansies. The Council pays contractors called Axiom B to do two of the beds at the town hall and all of the lamp post baskets. They also water everywhere, either late at night or very early morning when the traffic is lighter. All the other planters , doorstep planters and street sign flowerbeds are planted out and looked after by a very small group of people who have the time to help make where we all live look pretty!

We have made new friends this way and enjoy doing it. Our oldest volunteer, Geoff, is 89 years old! We also get help from many others who look after flowers near where they live, such as Albert in Stacey Bushes. If anyone reading this wants to join in, please get in touch via Bar Bar or the town hall.

agora in wolverton 2021
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